Floris Boon

Position: E-commerce Specialist | Brand: IGO | Location: Helmond, NL

Floris Boon

"Leaving the cold and rainy Netherlands to work in a new and international environment is absolutely worth it."


Tell us: since when are you working for Plato Group?

I work for Plato Group since August 2017, first as an intern and after that I was hired in the marketing team. In May 2018 I received the opportunity to work at our European Marketing Office in Barcelona. 

How did you end up at Plato Group? How did you experience the recruitment process?

In 2017 I was in the last year of my study and looking for an internship.  By the search of this internship I came in contact with Robert Staal, who was my supervisor during the first internship of my study and moved to Plato Group in the meantime. After a couple WhatsApp messages, phone calls and a good meeting I was convinced to choose for Plato Group as the company.

What are your tasks and responsibilities? 

In January 2019 I made the switch from Heroes of Print to IGO to start there as a Conversion Specialist. My tasks as Conversion Specialist is to make online ordering as easy and smooth as possible. This includes finding bottlenecks on the websites and think of a way to improve them, always make sure you have the correct data to base improvements on, do tests on the website to make it better and think of new and innovative features. This all with the goal to make it easier for the user to order their promotional products.

How do you experience working for Plato Group?

So far so good. Since the moment I joined Plato I have always felt in the right place. Both in Helmond and Barcelona it is a very nice environment to work and of course with great colleagues. I think everybody likes working in a international team in such a great city as Barcelona. In the meantime the European Marketing Office moved back to the Netherlands, currently I'm working back in Helmond again. The move to Barcelona and the opportunities you can get there were amazing.

What was your highlight in the last years?

As I mentioned a couple times above already, my move to Barcelona is my highlight in the past 1.5 years working for Plato Group. Leaving the cold and rainy Netherlands to work in a new and international environment is absolutely worth it.