Do you want to join one of Plato Group’s brands like IGO, Clipper, Compacon or Promotiv? With us you have the opportunity to work in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the UK, France or Denmark!
Plato Group makes it all possible – We are better together.

Our core values
We feel it is important for all of our employees and potential employees to adhere to our three core values; Smart, Easy and Transparent.

We are an enthusiastic and proud group of employees and together we work towards our joint objective. We want to continue learning and taking on board the continuous developments in the world and society. We try new things, reflect and make adjustments when needed. We collaborate in multidisciplinary teams and share information for optimal efficiency within our organisation.

Honesty, curiosity, and authenticity are our staple points to ensure that we are able to work simply and transparent. We believe our co-workers are good listeners and feel personally invested in their work and projects. We believe in putting ‘WE’ before ‘ME’, we listen to one another, we share knowledge, ask questions and work together. We compliment each other, apologize when needed and celebrate our successes together!

Do you have a similar mindset and wish to be a part of our company?
If so, apply for one of the vacancies below or send an open application if none of the vacancies listed below are suited to you.

New vacancies in Copenhagen, Denmark

Currently there are no open positions.


Vacancies in Helmond, the Netherlands
Click the link below to view all of the outstanding vacancies in Helmond, the Netherlands. Clicking the link will redirect you to a Dutch IGO online environment. Depending on the position, you will be working for one of the following brands: Plato Group, IGO or Clipper.

International vacancies
Click the link below to view all of the international outstanding vacancies. Clicking the link will redirect you to an IGO-POST online environment; depending on the position, you will be working for one of the following brands: IGO, Clipper, or Promotiv.

Working at Compacon
Click the link below to view the Compacon website. To work for Compacon (in Barendrecht, the Netherlands), you currently need to apply directly with Compacon.


Open application
We love meeting talented people, even if we do not have suitable outstanding vacancies for them at the time. As such, an open application is a great way of bringing yourself to our attention.
When sending an open application instead of responding to a specific vacancy, Plato Group feels it is important for you to really show us your passion. In short, try as best you can to put into words what makes you unique. This allows us to assess possible future vacancies which may suited for you in our company. Our organisation is continuously developing, which means we are always looking out for great minds and great people to join us!
Are you a motivated person that feels they can be part of Plato Group? If so, you should send us an open application including your CV.
You can send it to: